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Five Resolutions from GC11

Bishop David Kendall speaks July 15 to General Conference 2011 delegates.

General Conference 2011 delegates approved five resolutions during plenary sessions July 15 and 16 at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Here is a basic summary of the resolutions approved by the …

Video: GC11 Sunday Service : Bishop Kendall

GC11 Offers Quick Trip Around World

The GC 11 North Africa/Middle East area takes people to another part of the world.

By Christy Mesaros-Winckles

Step into a European Café at General Conference and sip a cappuccino, sit on a wooden bench in an African schoolhouse or, …

Roller: We Are Not Whole, But We Can Be

Bishop David Roller shares how we can become whole through God. | Photo by Kevin Smart

By Jeff Finley

During the General Conference 2011 worship celebration Friday, Bishop David Roller turned to the troubled people of the Old Testament to …

A Fasting Aversion

by Brian Buterbaugh, Wabash Conference pastor

I hate fasting. There I said it. I hate preaching about fasting, I hate reading about fasting, I hate hearing sermons about fasting, and I hate participating in fasting.

I know what you are …

Spiritual Hunger

by Yvonne Roller

The delight of eating a meal together is relished in kitchens and restaurants throughout the world.

Friends prepare a new recipe. Adventurous folks take a bite of food from another tradition, surprised by the delicious unfamiliar combinations …

Seminars to link faith, nursing

In the days leading up to General Conference 2011, nurses and other medical professionals will gather at Roberts Wesleyan College to discuss how to promote health and wholeness in their congregations and communities.

Participants will learn about the concept of …

Fasting Better Than Fun

by Bishop David Roller

Fasting’s not fun, it’s better than that.

Of course a fast serves as a regular call to prayer; every time our body asks for food it reminds us to pray (like an organic alarm clock) — …

Savoring a Fast

by Tim Huff
(Originally printed in March-April 2001 Light & Life)

Like many Americans, I grew up hearing my parents chide, “Eat all the food on your plate — children are starving in India.” But in our home it went …

GC11 Teens’ and Children’s Events

Children, ages 5-12, won’t want to miss P4K Day Camp during General Conference 2011. Beginning Wednesday and continuing through Saturday (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.),  kids will enjoy activities including music, drama, snacks, crafts, recreation and more — all …