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GC11 Connecting/Reconnecting

Michael Metts, photographer and communications strategist for Light & Life Communications, demonstrates the new Free Methodist Church - USA iPad app as General Conference 2011 attendees visit with each other after the Saturday evening service.

By Julie Innes

If you …

Group One

Every Person — Empowerment of the Whole Church

Group leader: Alex Shootman

Keynote speaker (Wed 1:30-2:30): Larry Walkemeyer

Exemplar (Wed 2:30-3:30): Brandon Hatmaker

Exercising their gifting and living their calling
The call to belong to Jesus is a call to …

Vision for General Conference

Anticipating General Conference from ReelFM on Vimeo.

Beginning With The End In Mind

Last fall, the Board of Bishops conducted two regional gatherings called “Re-imagining the Church.”  One of the sessions featured all three bishops spelling out their vision …