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Prayer to Unify: April 25 – May 1

We found a wonderful testimony on the website of First Baptist Church of Dallas. Read how the Lord answered the fervent prayers of another part of the church of Jesus Christ. The same Lord that answered the prayers of this …

Vision for General Conference

Anticipating General Conference from ReelFM on Vimeo.

Beginning With The End In Mind

Last fall, the Board of Bishops conducted two regional gatherings called “Re-imagining the Church.”  One of the sessions featured all three bishops spelling out their vision …

Group Three

Every Means — Maximized and Legitimized

Group leader: Mark Adams

Keynote speaker (Wed 1:30-2:30): Sab Prospero

Exemplars (Wed 2:30-3:30): Videos of 4-5 (Kathy Gaulton, Natura Wright, Amy Heath, Fred Lynch, Age Sandoval)

Encouraging and using all efforts that accomplish our