Five Resolutions from GC11

Bishop David Kendall speaks July 15 to General Conference 2011 delegates.

General Conference 2011 delegates approved five resolutions during plenary sessions July 15 and 16 at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Here is a basic summary of the resolutions approved by the Free Methodist Church – USA delegates during the general conference, which meets every four years. Click the resolution titles for the full text.

Delegates approved Resolution No. 7 as amended. The resolution makes Free Methodist World Missions area directors and the Board of Bishops “responsible for all missions work under FMC-USA oversight, regardless of the developmental stage of the church in each country.” Missions personnel are employed under the leadership of the Board of Bishops, which, “in consultation with the area directors and the executive director of administration and finance, will oversee the annual submission of a balanced” world missions budget to the Board of Administration.

Delegates also amended and then approved Resolution No. 10, which follows the instruction of the 2007 General Conference for the bishops to “review and revise their roles and responsibilities to fit a leadership model for missional growth.” The resolution addresses the current roles of bishops and procedures for nomination, election and retirement.

Delegates approved Resolution No. 43, which specified outcomes of GC11. The resolution invites “every Free Methodist and every Free Methodist Church” to “pray and fast for the purposes of seeking God and pursuing God’s will,” “challenge each other to increased time for personal and corporate involvement in the Word of God,” “ask God and each other what it is God wants us to start doing and what it is God wants us to stop doing” and seriously consider the question: “What will we do as a result of what God is saying to us?”

Delegates amended and then approved Resolution No. 49. While acknowledging the complex issues surrounding immigration, the resolution commits “to the Biblical principle of caring for the foreigners among us” and responding “in terms of the Great Commission, seeking to reach the lost whoever they may be; ministering to all, caring for all, and showing God’s grace to all people.”

Delegates approved Resolution No. 53, which stated GC11 delegates would elect three bishops to serve four-year terms. More information about the bishop election is available in the article “Bishops Re-elected at GC11.”

GC11 delegates rejected five resolutions: Nos. 5, 6, 27, 30 and 37.

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