Oct 202010

By Bishop David Kendall

Voter ButtonI was ready to conclude that Jesus really has nothing to say to the elections in two weeks. After all, what does he know and what could he contribute to the debates, ad campaigns, and mudslinging contests? One group of people supposes that Jesus is pretty much clueless on all these matters.

Another group looks to Jesus for a kind of tipping point support. The

arguments are quite compelling as they are, but just to clinch matters, here’s a saying from the Bible, attributed to Jesus. For them, Jesus spreads on a little frosting to make things sweeter.

A third group comprised of some of the most active currently on the political scene believe in absolute truth. They also believe they have found absolute truth on most matters that are before an unsuspecting or deceived public. For these activists Jesus steps up as the Ultimate Sponsor of their views. He who is the way, the truth and the life obviously would vote this way or for this person.

For Christ Followers the first two groups have it all wrong. The Lord and Master of all has much to say about almost everything. If he is who we claim then we must not treat him as though he has only “religious” or “spiritual” advice for any who might be interested. No, he is the smartest person we know. As such, we who follow him should do just that—follow him and embrace his wisdom as he gives it and as it applies to whatever the issues might be. We can count on him for more than an endorsement of our already good ideas.

For Christ Followers the third group is undoubtedly correct in that truth is, well, real or true—in some solid and objective way. They are also right to insist that it is possible to know the truth, and they no doubt affirm that Jesus embodies truth and wants to lead all who will follow to the truth. But we must take care that we actually follow him and must guard against remaking him to suit some party-line.

I’ve thinking about what sort of Voter’s Guide Jesus would write for us and offer to us as we approach November 2. Before I give you an outline of what I think might be on such a guide, let me warn you, that many will be disappointed by it. They will be disappointed because the candidates and issues at center stage do not claim the attention and importance for Jesus that they may for us. In reading a guide of his making, we will no doubt sense that he offers it with other priorities and concerns in mind than we often have when we think (or fail to think) about political, electoral matters. You are warned. So, here goes.

First, two general observations about what would guide the specific items Jesus would recommend to the electorate. To begin, I would not expect very many, if any, detailed action plans. This is so for two reasons: first, the

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most important issues are complex and addressing them is often not reducible to one simple “action plan” (see below for examples). Second, all the time Jesus is more interested in moving us to full maturity, to help us to grow up in him, to realize our full potential as children, servants and co-laborers with him. Growing up and reaching maturity requires the ability to think, to choose courses of action, to develop/express faith, and to act on conviction — all of which works best when we do not see everything as clearly as we might hope and yet must act with courage and resolve. Maturity and fullness comes most often in such ways.

Second, I would expect a thorough going Kingdom Perspective since “the Kingdom ” is the gospel summary of Jesus’ message and ministry. A Kingdom Perspective embraces the whole world, and seeks his will done everywhere, not just here. Further, his Kingdom is founded on righteousness, or justice, and love so that no one will go without, and no one will be deprived. What this means, among other things, is that a partisan or parochial policy (addressing only a part to the neglect of the whole focus) will nearly always be incomplete and inadequate when assessed in light of Jesus’ Kingdom. Consequently, policies that

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aim only or exclusively at one nation’s well being will also fall short of a full Kingdom Perspective. You can see by this Kingdom Criteria how complex matters really are. For example, we must protect our borders—not only or primarily to defend our sovereign territory but also to defend people and families, but not in ways that make it impossible or unlikely to care for strangers and the oppressed, and not in ways that place our exclusive

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or primary trust in police or military protection apart from confidence in God’s word that in welcoming strangers we welcome him. Another example that comes to mind would be war in general, and the war on terror in particular. Kingdom people cannot be lovers of war and cannot commit to hawkish policies—period! I am not saying that all who commit to the Kingdom of Jesus will be passivists and will disavow the use of force categorically. I am saying that the use of force must not compromise other clear Kingdom priorities and values. Force that is simply retaliatory or preemptive is on principle questionable for people committed to a Kingdom perspective. Military action as a first response would be similarly questionable. The disavowal of, or impatience with, diplomacy is likewise found wanting. OK, so what more specifically would be on Jesus’ Voter’s Guide?

Obviously the list could go on, but this is enough to indicate the tone and tenor of the guide. Now, please note that in all likelihood no viable candidate or party corresponds very well. The electoral situation is indeed complex and murky. As such, there is plenty of room for Christ followers to disagree and draw conclusions that are contrary to each other. So what should we do? Withdraw and not participate? Discern what corresponds most nearly? Determine what items are most critical now and see where closest alignment is? Collaborate with others in infiltrating all parties to work toward bringing all parties more into alignment with the Voter’s Guide in any way possible, so that no matter what party or candidate wins there is greater possibility that policies and decisions will be shaped more nearly in conformity to Jesus’ kingdom?

Well, yes, exactly! You see the challenge and the possibility. With eyes of faith and hearts set on the things that inflame the heart of Jesus you will see the possibilities. And you will do something.

Bishop David Kendall serves as overseer of East Michigan, Gateway, Great Plains, Mid-America, North Central, North Michigan, Ohio, Southern Michigan, Wabash, and African Area Annual Conferences. He is coordinator of oversight for the Free Methodist World Ministries Center. He and his wife, Lavone, have three married daughters and reside in Greenville, Ill.

Sep 152010

Soaring birdBy Bishop David Kendall

On August 23, 2010, the Free Methodist Church officially began a yearlong celebration of life and ministry together as a church. The day before, August 22, I was in a remote area in northern Malawi to worship with a branch of our worldwide family and dedicate their new church building. At the conclusion of the message a village elder — one of “the chiefs,” a local dignitary there by special invitation — rose

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preaching of this message he had been converted to Christ and wanted now to claim this church as

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his own!

I wondered to myself whether B. T. Roberts and friends could have imagined where their commitment to freedom would lead. They were earnest to follow Jesus in the liberating power of the Holy Spirit that set them on a path to extend their branch of the Family to nearly 80 countries with perhaps as many as 1 million members. They were not aiming for such accomplishments. They just followed earnestly the One who sets us free and then gathers us up into a freedom movement that refuses to rest so long as any remain still bound.

We are still all about such freedom. We celebrate new opportunities to worship in joyful liberty the One who loves us and gave himself for us.

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We witness to the power of his love that can break the grip of all that is unhealthy and unholy in our lives. We advocate for captives in need of release. We send our dollars and our children to uttermost places, near and far, to help set people free. We cry out against the modern purveyors of human captivity. We

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demand freedom not only for people, but for cultures

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and environments corrupted by this bondage. Not only people, cultures and whole countries, but for the whole created order.

We anticipate not the release from this life and world, but the glorious freedom of the children of God that will bring blessing to a reclaimed and renewed world embracing heaven and Earth. We aspire in every conceivable way to truly be freedom people.

David Kendall serves as bishop of the central region of the Free Methodist Church of N.A., along with oversight in Africa.

Jun 092010

People prayingDear Friends

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and Colleagues, Greetings in the name of Jesus — our crucified, risen and coming Lord! What an awesome privilege and responsibility to participate in our Lord’s plan to renew and recreate all things! What strategic opportunities loom on our horizon

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as we celebrate our founding 150 years ago (beginning on August 23, 2010), focus our vision, and play our part in the next chapters of His story. We write to call you to

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do what God’s people always do at strategic and defining moments in their history, which is His Story. That is, they seek and surrender to their God, and do so particularly through prayer and fasting. Therefore, we call the Free Methodist Church in the U.S. to fast and pray on the 23rd day of each month, beginning this Sunday, May 23, 2010, Pentecost Sunday, and continuing until the 23rd day of June 2011, in anticipation of and preparation for our 2011 General Conference gathering. On each 23rd day let us seek God’s wisdom and power to clarify his calling for our church and our part

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in that calling:

  • to embrace the good news of Jesus in its entirety, and experience its transforming fullness deeply;
  • to discern how best to collaborate and partner together to be agents of blessing and wholeness for the whole world and all people;
  • to position ourselves for God to use wherever and however;
  • to organize ourselves at every level — national, global, regional and congregational — so that nothing hinders our mission.

Each month let

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us seek the Lord and expect leading and empowering. In pursuit of His best for all, David Kendall For the Board of Bishops

May 122010

Mother with babyBy Bishop David Kendall

When we were born, most of us were cradled in our mother’s arms and we became a source of incredible delight! Indeed, mommy looked into our eyes and thought to herself, and may even have exclaimed aloud, “What a beautiful baby!” Quick on the heels of that exclamation was another thought: You are going to grow up and make a big difference in this world. Why, you could do something truly great that would bless the whole world!

When our mothers thought and said such things, they were echoing the plan of the Creator and Re-Creator God for every human being. God made us in His image, to reflect His likeness and partner with Him in caring for the world. By caring I mean both “taking care of things,” and also helping bring the whole of creation to its full potential in God’s plans. That’s the exalted role the Creator intended for those He made to bear His image.

Of course, things got messed up along the way. The image of God and

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the plan of God suffered from our own unwise and rebellious responses to the One who made us. So extreme was human foolishness and defiance that even God suffered — voluntarily, of course, because He is, after all, God. Yes, God put it all on the line, embracing the worst that our foolish defiance mustered up for Him. God put up, and then did away, with all such foolishness and defiance. We were at cross-purposes with God and He accepted such

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a “cross” and bore it all the way to our freedom and future. So, even the worst of our foolishness and defiance somehow gets enfolded into the plan which God insists is still, “GO!”

Thus, your mother was right! What a beautiful person you are! What potential you have! Somehow, as you follow this Jesus who makes His image shine within you and enlivens the gifts and passions He gives you, you and His other followers are becoming part of a movement that brings what is good, right, true and beautiful to thisHis world!

That is who we are and what we do as Church — we follow Christ with our all into the huge plans that He (and mom) envisioned for us. And, as we do, waves of renewal spread across the landscape preparing the ground for when

He makes all things new.

Bishop David Kendall serves as overseer of East Michigan, Gateway, Great Plains, Mid-America, North Central, North Michigan, Ohio, Southern Michigan, Wabash, and African Area Annual Conferences. He is coordinator of oversight for the Free Methodist World Ministries Center. He and his wife, Lavone, have three married daughters and reside in Greenville, Ill.