Kelly Sheads

Oct 272010

By Gerald E. Bates classic art of Christian saintsI have to write on this confluence of observances with an attitude. All three have centuries of history behind them. First, a bit of history, then the attitude:

  1. All Saints is related to the veneration of saints dating from the second Christian century and observance as a general religious feast from the fourth and fifth centuries. It is presently one of the holy days of obligation in the Roman Catholic Church, to honor the saints, known and unknown, and is observed on November 1 with the vigil starting on the preceding eve of October 31. Roman Catholic teaching, along with revering the saints, is that the prayers of the saints who have gone on before can assist the prayers of the faithful who are still alive. In this way the church present and the church triumphant (those in heaven) are joined in common worship.
  2. Halloween is a constructed word coming from All Hallows Eve, related in name to the holy festival of All Saints but, in popular observance in our days far departed from its religious roots. In fact it seems more closely related (although unconsciously so for nearly all who do ghosts, goblins, skeletons, mock graveyards, etc.) to the ancient pagan Celtic seasonal eve of summer’s end, Samhain, which predates the arrival of Christianity in the British Isles. Children born on this date were considered to have the gift of second sight. When Christianity came to the Isles the old festival — with its harvest overtones, bonfires to drive away the dark, magic, and incantations against evil spirits, faeries abroad in the land — was rolled into the Christian observance of All Saints Day (All Hallows Eve or Halloween) followed by All Souls Day on November 2 with prayers for the departed dead waiting in Purgatory for entrance into heaven.
  3. Reformation Day honors the day Martin Luther is supposed to have nailed his theses to the church door in Wittenberg, October 31, 1517, often considered by Protestants as the beginning of the Reformation. This date was set by Elector John George II of Saxony. It is observed quite faithfully in several provinces in Germany, Slovenia, as well as by many churches in the Lutheran and Reformed traditions generally across Europe and America and, interestingly, in Chile since
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    2008. It is often actively regretted by Roman Catholic writers who consider it, not without reason, a competing observance to All

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Now for the attitude: Western culture seems adept at taking most anything and making a commercial project of it. Its success is attested to by the fact that many households outdo themselves in decorating their homes and yards for Halloween with all kinds of outlandish (and mostly meaningless) symbols. In some cases, families decorate more than they do for Christmas (another holiday co-opted by marketing, along with Easter and its bunnies, eggs, etc.). What are Christians to do? I would suggest first knowing at least the outline of history as given above. This could stop us from plunging into a celebration of things we do not accept. I like the idea of our churches recapturing at least a part of Halloween by having their own parties, showing that we know what it is to be happy, along with a Christian witness. Along with the fun things, our church has a prayer room at its Halloween ‘trunk or treat’ which, last year, was nearly overrun by community folks with all kinds of needs and problems seeking prayer. We can also discuss the history given above with our

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children so that they understand the backgrounds of these festivals to which our society pays so much attention. One time

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in India, on a plane from Mumbai to Nagpur, a party was going on which involved virtually all the passengers. Two of us, Americans, were generously adopted into the celebration, given candy, slapped on the back, smiled at and made a part of the celebration. We were happy to join in what looked like a joyous cultural feast, assuming it was a wedding party or some other family affair. As we deplaned, however, I looked down into what appeared to be a baby basket

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being carefully tended at the front, and discovered an image of the elephant god. This told me instantly what the celebration was about. The lesson: Be aware of the party you are joining. We would not have been rude but we probably would have been a little less whole hearted if we had known. Our culture has a

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lot of parties going on and, according to the Apostle Paul, we need to experience a ‘renewing of our minds.” Gerald Bates is bishop emeritus of the Free Methodist Church; he served from 1985-1999. He and his wife, Marlene, also served as missionaries to Burundi. They currently reside in Indianapolis.

Oct 202010

By Bishop David Kendall

Voter ButtonI was ready to conclude that Jesus really has nothing to say to the elections in two weeks. After all, what does he know and what could he contribute to the debates, ad campaigns, and mudslinging contests? One group of people supposes that Jesus is pretty much clueless on all these matters.

Another group looks to Jesus for a kind of tipping point support. The

arguments are quite compelling as they are, but just to clinch matters, here’s a saying from the Bible, attributed to Jesus. For them, Jesus spreads on a little frosting to make things sweeter.

A third group comprised of some of the most active currently on the political scene believe in absolute truth. They also believe they have found absolute truth on most matters that are before an unsuspecting or deceived public. For these activists Jesus steps up as the Ultimate Sponsor of their views. He who is the way, the truth and the life obviously would vote this way or for this person.

For Christ Followers the first two groups have it all wrong. The Lord and Master of all has much to say about almost everything. If he is who we claim then we must not treat him as though he has only “religious” or “spiritual” advice for any who might be interested. No, he is the smartest person we know. As such, we who follow him should do just that—follow him and embrace his wisdom as he gives it and as it applies to whatever the issues might be. We can count on him for more than an endorsement of our already good ideas.

For Christ Followers the third group is undoubtedly correct in that truth is, well, real or true—in some solid and objective way. They are also right to insist that it is possible to know the truth, and they no doubt affirm that Jesus embodies truth and wants to lead all who will follow to the truth. But we must take care that we actually follow him and must guard against remaking him to suit some party-line.

I’ve thinking about what sort of Voter’s Guide Jesus would write for us and offer to us as we approach November 2. Before I give you an outline of what I think might be on such a guide, let me warn you, that many will be disappointed by it. They will be disappointed because the candidates and issues at center stage do not claim the attention and importance for Jesus that they may for us. In reading a guide of his making, we will no doubt sense that he offers it with other priorities and concerns in mind than we often have when we think (or fail to think) about political, electoral matters. You are warned. So, here goes.

First, two general observations about what would guide the specific items Jesus would recommend to the electorate. To begin, I would not expect very many, if any, detailed action plans. This is so for two reasons: first, the

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most important issues are complex and addressing them is often not reducible to one simple “action plan” (see below for examples). Second, all the time Jesus is more interested in moving us to full maturity, to help us to grow up in him, to realize our full potential as children, servants and co-laborers with him. Growing up and reaching maturity requires the ability to think, to choose courses of action, to develop/express faith, and to act on conviction — all of which works best when we do not see everything as clearly as we might hope and yet must act with courage and resolve. Maturity and fullness comes most often in such ways.

Second, I would expect a thorough going Kingdom Perspective since “the Kingdom ” is the gospel summary of Jesus’ message and ministry. A Kingdom Perspective embraces the whole world, and seeks his will done everywhere, not just here. Further, his Kingdom is founded on righteousness, or justice, and love so that no one will go without, and no one will be deprived. What this means, among other things, is that a partisan or parochial policy (addressing only a part to the neglect of the whole focus) will nearly always be incomplete and inadequate when assessed in light of Jesus’ Kingdom. Consequently, policies that

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case orange went!

aim only or exclusively at one nation’s well being will also fall short of a full Kingdom Perspective. You can see by this Kingdom Criteria how complex matters really are. For example, we must protect our borders—not only or primarily to defend our sovereign territory but also to defend people and families, but not in ways that make it impossible or unlikely to care for strangers and the oppressed, and not in ways that place our exclusive

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or primary trust in police or military protection apart from confidence in God’s word that in welcoming strangers we welcome him. Another example that comes to mind would be war in general, and the war on terror in particular. Kingdom people cannot be lovers of war and cannot commit to hawkish policies—period! I am not saying that all who commit to the Kingdom of Jesus will be passivists and will disavow the use of force categorically. I am saying that the use of force must not compromise other clear Kingdom priorities and values. Force that is simply retaliatory or preemptive is on principle questionable for people committed to a Kingdom perspective. Military action as a first response would be similarly questionable. The disavowal of, or impatience with, diplomacy is likewise found wanting. OK, so what more specifically would be on Jesus’ Voter’s Guide?

Obviously the list could go on, but this is enough to indicate the tone and tenor of the guide. Now, please note that in all likelihood no viable candidate or party corresponds very well. The electoral situation is indeed complex and murky. As such, there is plenty of room for Christ followers to disagree and draw conclusions that are contrary to each other. So what should we do? Withdraw and not participate? Discern what corresponds most nearly? Determine what items are most critical now and see where closest alignment is? Collaborate with others in infiltrating all parties to work toward bringing all parties more into alignment with the Voter’s Guide in any way possible, so that no matter what party or candidate wins there is greater possibility that policies and decisions will be shaped more nearly in conformity to Jesus’ kingdom?

Well, yes, exactly! You see the challenge and the possibility. With eyes of faith and hearts set on the things that inflame the heart of Jesus you will see the possibilities. And you will do something.

Bishop David Kendall serves as overseer of East Michigan, Gateway, Great Plains, Mid-America, North Central, North Michigan, Ohio, Southern Michigan, Wabash, and African Area Annual Conferences. He is coordinator of oversight for the Free Methodist World Ministries Center. He and his wife, Lavone, have three married daughters and reside in Greenville, Ill.

Oct 132010

By Donald N. Bastian Shepherd and sheepI have just returned from a spiritually uplifting weekend in Warrensburg, NY, a town of 3,331 people, nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains on the eastern edge of New York State. The uplift came from preaching four times to a growing Free Methodist congregation that

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exudes strength, though only thirteen years ago it was on the verge of extinction.

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The story centers in the vision of a pastor who answered the call. In 1997 the church was about to be closed. A concerned member phoned a retired conference superintendent living forty miles away and appealed for help. The Leonards, Richard and Ruth, answered the call and he was appointed by the conference. He had previously served 27 years as a conference superintendent. Nevertheless,

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the Leonards began driving the 80-mile round trip twice a week, giving pastoral

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care. Eight people turned up for the first public service. Yet in 13 years the church has come back from a near-death experience. Today, the majority of the growing membership is there through conversion, and there have been as many as 140 in attendance at the church on special occasions. Pastor Leonard has led the congregation through a series of projects that have made the

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church’s building and yard attractive. The climax of these projects has been of a

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beautiful parsonage one mile from the church. The weekend wonderfully refreshed my conviction: “Once a pastor, always a pastor.” When the church ordains a person, that ordination is more than a mere assignment to a temporary job. It is a “setting apart” — intended to be a lifetime calling to a shepherding ministry. Therein lies its challenge and fulfillment. Donald N. Bastian was a Free Methodist pastor for 21 years, a bishop for 19 years, and throughout his 17 years of retirement he remains active in preaching, teaching and writing.

Sep 292010

CommunionBy Art Brown Some moments you never forget. Perhaps it was because we had just ordained five pastors in a country where only a few months before we were unsure we would ever have a church. Perhaps it was because these pastors had experienced such horror and persecution simply to follow Jesus. Perhaps it was because they represented a new powerful work of the Spirit. For these and many other reasons, the picture of Holy Communion that morning is indelibly etched in my mind. For over eighty years, the first Sunday in October has been celebrated as World Communion Sunday. On this one day, millions of Christians consciously remember that they are experiencing a common, cross culturally, timeless experience. Jesus not only shared the first communion with his disciples on the evening of His sacrificial death, but He also instructed them — and us — to celebrate communion

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together to remember what he did for us. This one act powerfully proclaims that Christ is the final victor over the power of sin and the power of death. On Sunday, October 6, Christians around the world will celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death, and his gift of eternal life. They will take bread and juice in their hands and into their mouths. Because of world time differences, some will have completed their celebration long before we awake. Some will still be celebrating when we have gone to sleep. Together we will remember — and celebrate — that Christ died and rose again for the whole world — every people, every tribe,

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every man, woman and child. Praise the Lord! Art Brown is executive director of Free Methodist World Missions. When not traveling, he and his wife, Sylvia (director of SEED), reside in Indianapolis, IN.

Sep 222010

Starting Strong PastorsBy Beth Cullison Encouraged.

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Affirmed. Connected. Refreshed. Thankful and honored to be part of a real and consecrated work of God. These are a few of the comments from pastors who attended the Starting Strong Conference September 15-17. Starting Strong is an annual event each September sponsored by the Board of Bishops and held at the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis, Ind. The conference is for pastors and spouses

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new to pastoral ministry in the Free Methodist Church. This three-day event is designed to introduce new pastors to the ministry philosophy and vision of Free Methodist leadership, build relationships between new pastors and denominational leaders and connect new pastors to the services of the World Ministries Center. Thirty-four pastors/spouses attended this year’s event, coming

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from the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. On Wednesday afternoon the pastors arrived as strangers. On Friday they left as friends and partners in ministry — connected by common experience. They listened to each others’ stories, prayed together, worshiped, heard from the hearts of their bishops and shared in Holy Communion. Truly, God poured His love into our hearts through the work

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of the Holy Spirit during this time together. Beth Cullison is an ordained elder in Wabash Conference serving as executive administrative assistant to the Board of Bishops.

Sep 152010

Soaring birdBy Bishop David Kendall

On August 23, 2010, the Free Methodist Church officially began a yearlong celebration of life and ministry together as a church. The day before, August 22, I was in a remote area in northern Malawi to worship with a branch of our worldwide family and dedicate their new church building. At the conclusion of the message a village elder — one of “the chiefs,” a local dignitary there by special invitation — rose

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preaching of this message he had been converted to Christ and wanted now to claim this church as

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his own!

I wondered to myself whether B. T. Roberts and friends could have imagined where their commitment to freedom would lead. They were earnest to follow Jesus in the liberating power of the Holy Spirit that set them on a path to extend their branch of the Family to nearly 80 countries with perhaps as many as 1 million members. They were not aiming for such accomplishments. They just followed earnestly the One who sets us free and then gathers us up into a freedom movement that refuses to rest so long as any remain still bound.

We are still all about such freedom. We celebrate new opportunities to worship in joyful liberty the One who loves us and gave himself for us.

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We witness to the power of his love that can break the grip of all that is unhealthy and unholy in our lives. We advocate for captives in need of release. We send our dollars and our children to uttermost places, near and far, to help set people free. We cry out against the modern purveyors of human captivity. We

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demand freedom not only for people, but for cultures

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and environments corrupted by this bondage. Not only people, cultures and whole countries, but for the whole created order.

We anticipate not the release from this life and world, but the glorious freedom of the children of God that will bring blessing to a reclaimed and renewed world embracing heaven and Earth. We aspire in every conceivable way to truly be freedom people.

David Kendall serves as bishop of the central region of the Free Methodist Church of N.A., along with oversight in Africa.

Sep 082010

Jesus feeding the 5,000By Annie Zeller

It’s that time of year again: dorm rooms are full, campus is buzzing, fall sports are underway, books are studied, papers written, friendships made, cafeteria food braved … all with little spare time

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to pause and take it in. (Breath)

At Greenville College we are incredibly thankful for these full days on campus — thankful for the life breathed into these halls when students arrive each fall. But in the midst of this thankfulness, we also find ourselves looking at the year ahead wide-eyed and wondering, How will we accomplish it all? How can we possibly give each student what he or she needs?

The disciples asked similar questions in the fifth chapter of Mark, prior to the miraculous feeding of the five thousand. We notice in

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actually occur until after a few questions were asked and a grain of obedient faith was offered.

Can you imagine what that scene must have looked like? “Hey Jesus,

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there are way too many people here to feed. We’ve given them what they came here for. Let’s call it a day.” Jesus replies, “You can give them more. You have more to offer them. Feed them.” Basically, Jesus asked the twelve to go above and beyond what seemed humanly possible — to give the people what they really needed. We are faced daily with challenges like this one — whether working at a college with over 1,000 students with individual needs, or within our own families.

The good news is that we get to function within the power of Jesus. When He instructs, “You give them something to eat,” we know He’s not just handing out “Minute to Win It” challenges with a great chance of failure. No, He’s inviting us into a story and will give us everything we need to carry out His instruction. He didn’t actually need the loaves and fish to perform the miraculous feeding, and today He doesn’t need us to feel prepared, equipped or ready for what lies ahead. He asks us for a grain of obedient faith. And when we’re willing to offer that grain, He responds with more than we could have ever asked or imagined

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possible. Basketfuls!

So as school begins at Greenville College, we are encouraged when we hear the Lord say, “You give them something to eat.” And we are learning to offer all we have with confidence and anticipation of what’s to come.

Annie Zeller works in the College Relations and Marketing Department at Greenville College in Greenville, Ill. She attends the Greenville Free Methodist Church and enjoys investing in the lives of the high school students she works with as a volunteer youth leader.

Aug 252010

LaWanda Bullock and friendBy LaWanda Bullock Africa has been marked by civil war and violence, so the need for Christian leadership development is immense. Many see the church as the only answer. At the forefront of leadership development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is Masoka Bwani Georgette, president Women’s Ministries International (WMI) for the Congolese General Conference of the Free Methodist Church. Masoka is a powerful woman. Her leadership roles include being the mother of four children (ages 9, 7,

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4 and 2), pastor of the FMC at Bakavu, and an educator teaching in secondary schools. Masoka is also one of two women members of the House of Deputies in the DRC Parliament. Her district is large and she travels widely, often over almost impassable roads to carry out governmental duties. Masoka considers being president of WMI, through which she leads several thousand women, one of her most important roles. On my recent trip to the DRC, I was royally welcomed by Masoka and

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her enthusiastic women. As Masoka and I talked about the needs of her country and the millions of women who have suffered deeply in the wars, Masoka expressed her greatest desire: that these women will come to know Christ, be discipled and become educated. Her dream is to open

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women’s educational centers to help eradicate illiteracy, hunger and disease. She wants to bring women together in unity after so much abuse and violence. Will you pray for Masoka and the Congolese WMI? They are our sisters in Christ and are loving and caring friends. Ask God to give Masoka great peace and God’s power as she fulfills her leadership role in the church and the government. Her full interview will be in the next issue of “Online,” WMI’s newsletter. Make a difference. Get involved with WMI today! Visit for more information. LaWanda Bullock is president of Women’s Ministries International in the United States. She and

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her husband minister in the South Atlantic Conference.

Aug 182010

Historical Free Methodist pictureBy

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Howard A. Snyder Sunday, August 22 begins a year-long celebration of Free Methodism’s first 150 years, leading up to the Sesquicentennial General Conference next July at Roberts Wesleyan College. Commemorations during General Conference will include dramatic presentations written and organized by Professor Paul Patton of Spring Arbor University. The

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Free Methodist Church was formally organized on August 23, 1860 — 150 years ago this month. The organizing convention took place near Pekin in western New York State, though Free Methodist congregations had already been founded in Albion, New York.; northern Illinois; and in St. Louis, Missouri. B. T. Roberts in fact wrote in the earliest Free Methodist Discipline, “The first Free Methodist Church ever organized was in St. Louis, a slave-holding city” at the time; yet the church “made non-slaveholding a test of membership.” Roberts added, “All [our] churches are required to be as free as the grace [we] preach. [We] believe that [our] mission is twofold — to maintain the Bible standard of Christianity, and to preach the Gospel to the poor.” Free Methodists promoted freedom and simplicity in worship and in living while banning slaveholding, pew rental and other

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forms of accommodation to prevailing culture. Free Methodist members, families, and congregations worldwide are encouraged to celebrate this historic milestone during the sesquicentennial year. A list of landmark dates (1858-1861) and a Litany of Celebration and Covenant Renewal are available, as well as a longer article, “Free Methodism’s Living Witness: Sesquicentennial Reflections.” Howard A. Snyder, formerly a Free Methodist pastor

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and missionary in Brazil, currently serves as Professor of Wesley Studies at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada. His books on Free Methodism include Populist Saints: B. T. and Ellen Roberts and the First Free Methodists (Eerdmans, 2006) and “Live While You Preach:” The Autobiography of Methodist Revivalist and Abolitionist John Wesley Redfield (1810-1863)”

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(Scarecrow, 2006), which he edited.

Aug 042010

Watch gearsBy Bishop David

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Roller And I’ve got a lot of other profound observations where that one came from! My watch quits, sometimes. Makes life exciting because I’m never sure when it’s working and when it has quit. So I was walking/running to board a plane and wasn’t sure if my watch was on-time (in which case I was okay), or if it had quit (in which case I was panickingly late). I don’t think I’ll get it fixed because it keeps me surprisingly alert. Of course it’s hard on congregations … Has his watch quit and might he

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preach forever? Forever, thinking it’s 11:37AM? The problem isn’t the battery, I’ve changed that. The problem’s the movement (I should have gone digital). The movement sometimes doesn’t

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move. The only reason for it to exist is to move and it doesn’t — at least not often enough to be reliable. Reminds me of … oh, I hate to be obtuse. Let’s just say I’m fatigued by things that don’t fulfill their primary purpose. At this point my watch

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has become a bracelet. It looks good. It appears to be a watch. But it’s really a bracelet because it doesn’t move. Movements have to move. Bishop Roller oversees the ministry of eleven annual conferences in the eastern area of the United States as well as the United Kingdom and the five annual conferences of Latin America. When not traveling, he and his wife, Yvonne, reside in Baltimore, Maryland. They are the parents of Thaddeus and Evangeline.